If we can safely assume that invasion is a perfect synonym for defense, then, it will be unreasonable to berate the greedy Israel. Since its creation in 1947, Israel has invaded virtually all nations it shares borders with including Syria, Lebanon and Palestine. But unfortunately for Palestine, it is at the top of Israel’s consumption list, as many illegal Jewish settlements have been built on its lands, and its western border has been pushed up to Jerusalem. Matter-of-factly, Palestine is shrinking by the minute O poor Israel, you came as a lost traveler in tattered clothes; how big you have become in recent pictures (maps).


          A good name, they say, is worth more than gold and silver. In order to protect its name while furthering its scandalous agenda, and at the same time portray herself as victim, series of terror bombings have been staged by Israel (The use of False Flags). For example, the Lavon affair (a failed Israeli covert operation conducted in Egypt in 1954 where Israeli agents and Jewish residents planted several bombs in several buildings leaving evidences to implicate Egyptian Muslims), the king David’s massacre (Jewish terrorists blew up a hotel on the 22nd of July 1946, killed 91 British soldiers, and blamed the atrocity on the Arabs in order to pit the British against the Palestinians), Kristallnacht, Bromberg massacre, the June 1968 assassination of Robert Kennedy, and the 1985 Achille Lauro to mention a few.
            Israel is expanding and getting stronger while countries like Palestine is on the verge of destruction, and the world leader (U.S.A) has done nothing except to sign the cheques that pay for the war machines used in killing innocent people and destroying homes. But it seems not everyone is in support of this unjustified aggression. Speaking at Beth Chayim Chadashim, a progressive synagogue in Los Angeles, Peter Beinart (a liberal Zionist) said: “…But while we condemn Palestinian violence, we must recognize this painful truth: that Israeli policy has encouraged it by penalizing Palestinians non-violence by responding to that non-violence by deportations, tear gas, imprisonment and the confiscation of Palestinian lands. Hard as it is to say, the Israeli government is reaping what it has sowed.” In addition, he cited the cases of Abdullah Abu Rahme of the occupied village of Bil’in, and Mubarak Awad, who created the Palestinian Centre for the Study of Nonviolence, as examples of Israel’s response of nonviolence with violence.
            Truthfully, Palestinians have also responded with violence, but in as much as violence is not the perfect answer, what else could they have done to curtail the ugly trends of injustice they have had to endure for decades? What future could they have dreamt of when they live without citizenship in their country of birth, without the right to vote over the government that controls their lives while their Jewish neighbours enjoy due process?


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